Comfortable Alternative

Invisalign® is a contemporary and comfortable alternative to the fixed braces. In the course of treatment we use a series of removable, almost invisible plastic foils to straighten your teeth. These so-called aligners are individually produced for each patient in the USA. They have to be changed regularly and move the teeth to their desired position step by step. By means of a virtual 3D treatment plan, movements and positions of the teeth are planned and visualized in advance.

With a special software we simulate and calculate the desired tooth movement in advance. From this data the exact shape of the individual aligners emerges.


Do you want to have your tooth malposition corrected, but without wearing inconvenient and conspicuous braces and other appliances? Then Invisalign® might be the right alternative for you. This new method from the US can invisibly correct misalignments without impeding the speech.

The whole treatment basically consists of wearing a series of transparent so-called "aligners". The aligners, foils made from a thin transparent material, are manufactured in a special computerized procedure after having taken impressions of your teeth.

Align's modern computer technology requires an exact silicon impression of the rows of teeth and special corrective procedures to simulate the treatment steps. Thanks to a special software the scanned impressions are used for virtual 3D models with which the course of treatment is simulated step by step until the tooth malposition is fully corrected at the end. The computer simulation makes it possible for the patient to see the expected result before the treatment has even started.

First of all, models from computer simulation are manufactured for each treatment phase. After that, the transparent foils in the desired position are used to produce the aligners. Depending on the complexity of tooth malposition, the number of aligners varies between 12 to 48 pieces. The patient must wear these aligners for at least 22 hours a day. The aligners are changed every 10 days. Acccording to this schedule, the position of the teeth improves progressively up to the intended final position.

This treatment may only be carried out by trained orthodontists who have been certified by Invisalign®. Dr. de Cassan has been one of the first orthodontists in Germany to be certified since the beginning of 2001 and his practice is recognized as a training center.

Patients can benefit from Invisalign®. Thus, this method enables a tooth correction by transparent aligners which is almost unnoticed by others. The removable foils simplify optimal, hygienic care and the patient can eat and drink whatever he wants during the treatment phase. Moreover, Invisalign® is a convenient orthodontic method. The significantly shorter treatment time for the control appointments makes Invisalign® particularly interesting for working and busy patients.

Invisalign®, the perfect treatment method for everyone?
No. Unfortunately, Invisalign® is not suitable for every patient. Not every tooth malposition can be corrected by this method. After a comprehensive diagnosis, only a trained and certified orthodontist can determine whether Invisalign® is the best option for you. Sometimes, it may be useful to combine Invisalign® with a conventional treatment for dental correction. Invisalign® is also not applicable to children. We would be happy to advise you which treatment options are beneficial in your specific case.

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